Anas Marketing & Management

Certification & Accreditation

Use our expertise in the management of your professional certification and accreditation programs. We provide full-time management as well as consulting services in various fields:

Establish or Fine-Tune Your Program

  • Liaise with your Board & Education Committee
  • Develop a program or re-engineer an existing program & process
  • Design and implement a branding and marketing program
  • Create and disseminate information in handbooks and on website
  • Set up certification exams and exam schedules for:
    • Paper and Pencil Exam (PPE)
    • Computer Based Testing (CBT)
  • Create and prepare accurate monthly reports
  • Maintain confidential records
  • Coordinate with the testing company on:
    • Establishing a new exam
    • Updating an existing exam
    • Translating an exam
    • Secure shipments of exam materials

Paying Attention to Details in the Application Process

  • Provide friendly, quality member service to exam applicants
    • Review and approve exam applications
    • Collect certification fees
    • Add applicant info to database
    • Create Candidate List for PPE
    • Uphold certification policies
    • Mail New Member Packet to successful candidates

Ensuring a Timely Recertification

  • Co-ordinate and process recertification applications
  • Verify individual certifications to state boards and other companies
  • Set up online verification on your website